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Imagine getting thousands of businesses to use your product or service, without a sales army? We make it possible by automating entire sales process for small-sized deals, so your team could focus on large opportunities.

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Founding story

AskToSell Co-Founders Laimonas Noreika and Karolis Januškas witnessed first-hand the pain points of running specialised sales teams for small deal sizes.

Together they have built ZITICITY to one of the fastest-growing logistics startups in Europe with $2.5 million in revenue from 1,500 businesses. Most of these deals were small, each worth aruond $200/month, however required similar sales efforts as larger ones. Therefore, most often were not covering the sales representative's salary.

Startup eventually lost the battle with unit economics, including customer acquisition costs, and had to be closed down. A hard lesson Laimonas and Karolis wants you to avoid.

With an advent of Large Language Models, the duo had their A-ha moment - they have found a way to automate entire sales process for small deals.

Using AskToSell, you are able to "hire" AI sales reps with superhuman-like performance. These autonomous agents contact your leads, qualify, prepare offers, handle objections, negotiate, and close the deals. Automatically. You'll just have to approve the offers.

All of that at x10-30 (depending on your geography) lower customer acquisition cost compared to human labour.

We are building a AskToSell so you could grow revenue faster by closing small deals on autopilot. A product Co-Founders wish they had back in ZITICITY days.

photo of Laimonas Noreika, CEO & Co-founder of AskToSell

Laimonas Noreika

CEO & Co-Founder

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photo of Karolis Januškas, CTO & Co-founder of AskToSell

Karolis Januškas

CTO & Co-Founder

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