Product Updates

See the latest AskToSell feature releases, product improvements and bug fixes.

Redesigned conversation interface

June 3, 2024

Completely redesigned conversation interface that allows users to review and confirm agent-generated replies in the most critical situations. The new interface also makes it easy for users to jump into any conversation as the system allows users to send custom replies anytime.

AskToSell redesigned conversation interface

Simplified campaign creation

April 30, 2024

We have simplified the campaign creation process for accounts with 1 user by removing the account manager field. If you have more than 1 user, you'll see a drop-down for a convenient assignment of the responsible person.

Also, on the campaign page, you will now see a full list of assigned agents.

Notifying users about replies after deals are won

April 22, 2024

Previously, if a lead replied after the deal was considered as won, platform ignored such emails. However, if an agent is using an alias email account, such replies might go unnoticed. Therefore, we introduced a new type of notification to inform users about such replies.

SMTP/IMAP agents

April 15, 2024

Developed SMTP/IMAP protocol integration for agents.

Currently running as a closed beta - let us know if you need prioritized access.

Custom Lead Attributes

April 9, 2024

Now you can pass any attribute about the lead as a custom variable.

Our customers are using it to pass unique information about each lead. For example: 

  • the ticketing platform is passing a number of events organized per host;
  • the seo platform is passing unique seo recommendations for each customer's domain;
  • entertainment company is passing the last visit time.

This information is used by an autonomous sales agent to personalize the sales experience with each lead/customer.

To use the feature: 1) map custom variables when uploading CSV file and 2) reference custom variable in the sales playbook customization panel.

Improved Visibility for Product and Campaign Settings

March 29, 2024

If customer asks a question about your product that the Autonomous Agent cannot answer, the following steps are taken:

  1. AI Agent will ask you to answer that question
  2. AI Agent will update your product's knowledge with this question-and-answer pair
  3. if another lead asks the same question - information gets reused

From now on, you can also proactively create question-and-answer pairs in your product's knowledge base.

We have also improved the visibility of campaign settings. The campaign overview now includes these new settings:

  • Objective
  • Website conversion OR scheduling link
  • Account Manager
  • Language

HTML Signatures

March 18, 2024

We hear you - some of you want email signatures to be "on brand".

You can now create email signatures that include links, images, and other HTML elements.

As a bonus, we have included a setting that allows you to control if a signature is included in every reply or only in the first email.

Enjoy and use it with caution - links and images may impact deliverability.

New Campaign Objective: Website Conversion 📈

March 8, 2024

When creating a campaign, now you can set website conversion as an objective. Once you set this objective, AI Sales Agents will optimize their playbook to convert leads to visit your website. AskToSell customers are using this objective to drive traffic to their landing page, sign up or checkout forms.

Sales Playbooks 📋

February 23, 2024

The Sales Playbooks feature is our major step towards enabling any company to automate their revenue workflows.

Version 1 allows you to customize the content logic, frequency, and intensity of your campaigns.

To access it, create a campaign, navigate to preview mode, and look for the "customize" buttons in the playground. Custom playbooks can be saved and reused in any campaign.

Organizations and Sub-users 👥

February 6, 2024

We're excited to announce a new layer of organization and collaboration within AskToSell:

  • Now organizations can have multiple users
  • Users can belong to multiple organizations

Feature is enabled to selected partners. To unlock access, let our team know via Intercom..

Pipeline Search 🔍

January 31, 2024

Finding the right deal at the right time just got easier! Introducing Pipeline Search, a powerful new feature that allows you to quickly search and filter deals within your pipeline. You can search deals by email or company name. To use it, go to Campaigns and scroll down to the Pipeline overview.

Campaign Metrics 📈

January 25, 2024

We're excited to introduce Campaign Metrics, a powerful new feature that provides you with real-time insights into your Campaign's performance. Now, directly within your Campaigns Overview , you can track key metrics such as number outreached leads, reply rate, replied to interested, and replied to won percentages.

Dashboard 📊

January 24, 2024

As soon as you launch your first sales campaign, the Getting Started page will change to Dashboard: 

  • KPIs: outreached, reply rate, replied to interested, replied to won
  • Lead quality: pending, good, bounced, unsubscribed, wrong contact and other insights into your audience.
  • Pending actions: proposals ready for approval, recommendations, knowledge base updates and more.
  • Sales pipeline progress: understand how leads and activities are distributed throughout your sales pipeline.
  • Agent utilization: understand how well you are utilizing your AI Sales Agents based on their capacity, planned and executed activities

Campaign Objectives 🎯

January 15, 2024

Your top requested feature, Campaign Objectives, is now live! While creating a Campaign you can assign AI Sales Agent(s) an objective:

  • Schedule a meeting: convert leads to have a meeting
  • Make a sale: close deals without having any meetings
  • Universal: you'll choose a goal for each interested lead

AI Sales Agents will run the sales process automatically from outreach till campaign's objective gets reached. You'll be in total control as platform will ask you review & approve important replies.

This marks a new stage for AskToSell customers, as we are transition from sales automation for small deal sizes to sales automation to ALL DEAL SIZES! 

"Getting Started" Dashboard 🚀

December 15, 2023

It's the easiest way to experience AI Sales Agents. Create AskToSell account, go to "Getting Started" dashboard and interact with AI Sales Agents from Shopify, Hubspot and Revolut. Also, this dashboard will guide you through the onboarding. Enjoy!

Preview your Campaign before launching ▶️

December 13, 2023

Now you can preview your Campaign by simulating replies and advancing time. Interactions are simulated within UI, so you no longer need to do via email. For your convenience, it became a mandatory second step in the Campaign creation process. Create, Preview, Launch!

What AI Sales Agent is planning next? 🤖

December 11, 2023

Improved visibility for the next action AI Sales Agent is planning to execute. The next action is always visible as a dotted line within Activity UI.

Major upgrade to the Deal & Email matching engine ✨

December 7, 2023

What should happen if a Lead forwarded email from AI Sales Agent to his colleague, and colleague replied with the original Lead in the Cc? What if the original Lead is not within Cc? What if the reply comes from a different domain? How should these replies be processed by AI Sales Agent? What information should be stored within CRM?

Well, we have good news. You don't need to think about any of that. All these crazy scenarios (but hapenning all the time in reality) are now handled automaticaly by our advanced Deal matching engine and this will further improve as we grow.

Bounced emails 🚧

December 1, 2023

All email addresses that are responding with hard or soft bounce, are automatically excluded from further communication.

If a Deal has a single Lead (email), then this Deal is marked as lost, and reason is logged in the AI CRM.

If a Deal has multiple leads (emails), only bounced Lead (email address) is excluded from further communication. Communication proceeds only with the remaining Lead(s) within that Deal.

AI Sales Agent -> Human handover 🤝

November 28, 2023

If you wish to take over communication with the Lead, simply go to AI CRM, locate the Deal and press "Stop" from the context menu. All further activities for this Deal will be cancelled. You can do this at any stage in the sales process.

Microsoft Outlook Integration 🔌

November 21, 2023

AskToSell now lets you connect Microsoft Outlook email accounts with AI Sales Agents. It's a significant addition to our existing integration with Gmail, ensuring we can support the two largest email service providers.

Detailed activity view now includes email headers and signature 📧

November 16, 2023

  • Detailed activity view now includes To:/From:/Cc: and signature fields
  • Added a requirement of min 140 characters input to generate value proposition

Improved Campaign and Agent Management 🆕

November 14, 2023

  • Pause / resume campaign from the list
  • Activate / deactivate agents
  • Edit agents
  • AI CRM: sort deals with a pending action to the top
  • AI CRM: company name added to a deal card

View & edit Products 🔖

November 8, 2023

We’ve made some tiny but mighty improvements to Products management.

Notifications from your AI Sales Agents to approve proposals or update the knowledge base 🔔

November 7, 2023

When a Campaign starts to run, your input will be only needed to approve proposals and help the AI Sales Agent answer unfamiliar questions about the Product.  

Your Campaign’s Account Manager will get these input requests by email.

By the way, answers will become part of your Product’s knowledge base. It will be referenced in the future, eliminating the need to repeatedly answer the same question for other leads. Cool right?

Upload Leads from 🔄

November 3, 2023

Upgrade to CSV import to support leads upload from

Localize Campaigns to 29 languages 🌍

November 2, 2023

AI Sales Agents can now speak in your customers language. Run Campaigns in 29 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Danish, Finnish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Czech, Hindi, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene.

AskToSell V1 is now live! 🥳

November 1, 2023

V1 fully automates outreach, proposal, negotiations, and closing stages for small-sized deals.

In between these stages, AI Sales Agents will handle complex real-world scenarios like out-of-office, objections, auto-replies, unsubscribe, forwarding, follow-ups, and more.

AI Sales Agents are proactive and will push leads through the pipeline till the deal gets "Won" or "Lost". No exceptions, no excuses, no rotten deals.

Each Agent's decision and action will be logged in our proprietary AI CRM. Some users are calling it the best CRM in the world. Why? Because you don't need to input data manually. AI Sales Agents are logging EVERY single detail automagically.

Please note, that this is MVP, some things will be missing. We will iterate rapidly based on paying users' feedback. We want to make using AskToSell feel like Magic. Or so good that it feels like cheating.

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