AskToSell’s pre-seed: introducing a complete sales automation for your SMB deals

Read all about our pre-seed funding round together with Startup Wise Guys and Specialist VC, and what's ahead for AskToSell.

Laimonas Noreika

CEO & Co-founder

Karolis Januškas

CTO & Co-founder

Today, we are proud to announce that AskToSell has raised a €100k pre-seed round from Startup Wise Guys and Specialist VC to build a sales automation platform for small deals.

SMB deal sizes are smaller by nature, so the logical way to compensate for this is to close more deals. However, scaling the deal volume can burn out your sales team and drive customer acquisition costs too high, breaking the unit economics, something co-founders Laimonas and Karolis painfully experienced in their former startup ZITICITY. A hard lesson they want other founders to avoid.  

Using AskToSell, you are able to deploy Autonomous Sales Agents with superhuman-like performance, at x10-30 lower cost compared to human labour. These autonomous agents will learn about your product, contact your leads, qualify, prepare proposals, handle objections, and close the deals. Automatically. You’ll just have to approve the proposals.

AskToSell AI Sales Automation Platform
AskToSell Sales Automation Platform For Small Deals

Sales reps hate these repetitive tasks and copy-paste transactional sales, so implementing AskToSell will give you a lot of fans in the company and enable reps to focus on bigger deals.

We are extremely happy to welcome Startup Wise Guys and Specialist VC as first AskToSell investors. This investment will allow us to ship first version of the product to the market and start running commercial pilots. Private beta starts in October. We are onboarding customers on a first come first served basis. You can secure your access by joining our waitlist.

Startup Wise Guys Global CEO Cristobal Alonso commented, ”We were the first investor in the previous startup founded by Laimonas and Karolis. Seeing their grit and teamwork, we were sure we’d invest in any new venture they build. And here we are, being the first believers again. AskToSell is solving a real and large problem and the team is well positioned to grow rapidly in the sales automation to SMBs market.”

Gerri Kodres, founding partner of Specialist VC added, “We are excited to back AskToSell, as recent advancements in AI coupled with the team’s unique experience, ambition, and in-depth understanding of b2b sales makes it possible to automate sales to a massive market - there are 400M SMBs worldwide.”

About AskToSell:

AskToSell helps companies grow revenue faster by automating and personalizing the entire sales process for small deal sizes. Using a web platform, customers define products they want to sell, upload leads, and deploy autonomous agents. Autonomous agents will learn about your product, contact your leads via email, qualify, prepare proposals, handle objections, negotiate, and close the deal with superhuman-like performance.