Value Proposition - How to Train AI Sales Agents to Sell Your Product?

For AI Sales Agents to effectively communicate with your leads, first they need to understand your product. In this article, we will delve into best practices for crafting a compelling value proposition and offer 10 inspiring examples to guide your process.

Laimonas Noreika

CEO & Co-founder

Imagine a sales representative who consistently closes more deals, is faster when compared to peers, never tires, always hits activity goals, and has an in-depth understanding of your product (or service). Sounds exciting, isn't it? Well that's precisely what AI Sales Agents brings to the table.

For AI Sales Agents to effectively communicate with your leads, first they need to uderstand your product. At AskToSell, we facilitate this by asking users to provide a title for their product or service, its value proposition, and pricing. This information is then utilized by AI agents to contact your leads, qualify them, prepare offers, handle objections, negotiate, and close deals. Let's explore examples and best practices on crafting your value proposition to optimize the performance of AI Sales Agents.

What is value proposition? 

A value proposition is a statement which identifies clear, measurable and demonstrable benefits consumers get when buying your product or service.

It's interesting to note, that the same product can have unique value propositions to different audiences. For instance, let's take a look at AskToSell's value proposition for two distinct audiences: startups and lead generation agencies.

Company: AskToSell

Product: Sales Automation Platform for Small Deals

Target audience #1: Startups

Value proposition: for startup founders, who seek to automate sales to small deal sizes where hiring sales rep or SDR makes no economic sense, AskToSell is a platform automates entire sales process - contacting your leads, qualifying, preparing offers, handling objections, negotiating, and closing deals, so you can efficiently hit your revenue targets.

Target audience #2: Lead generation agencies

Value proposition: for lead generation agencies, who seek to upsell their customers by offering deal closing services, AskToSell is a platform automates entire sales process for small deal sizes - contacting your leads, qualifying, preparing offers, handling objections, negotiating, and closing deals, so you can efficiently grow your agency with more revenue from existing customers.

At AskToSell, we recommend creating distinct products tailored to each target audience for optimal results. This approach enables our AI Sales Agents to communicate effectively using the specific language of each audience, incorporating industry-specific pain points and relief strategies.

How to write a good value proposition? 

Writing a value proposition involves identifying your target audience, understanding their needs and pain points, and clearly articulating how your product or service meets those needs and alleviates those pain points. It's crucial to highlight the unique benefits your product or service offers that sets it apart from competitors. The value proposition should be concise, clear, and compelling. It should answer the question, "Why should I buy from you and not your competitor?"

We recommend using the Geoff Moore Value Proposition method, which is a simple yet effective framework for crafting a value proposition. This method involves these components:

"For [target customer] who [needs or wants X], our [product/service] is [category of industry] that [benefits]".

For example, using the Geoff Moore method, AskToSell's value proposition for startups could be:

for startup founders, who seek to automate sales to small deal sizes where hiring sales rep or SDR makes no economic sense, AskToSell is a platform automates entire sales process - contacting your leads, qualifying, preparing offers, handling objections, negotiating, and closing deals, so you can efficiently (at x10-30 lower customer acquisition costs) hit your revenue targets.

10 value proposition examples

1. Revolut Business

Product: Revolut for Business

Value proposition: For ambitious businesses of all sizes who need a comprehensive solution for their financial needs, Revolut Business is a multi-faceted financial platform that provides global payments, multi-currency accounts, and smarter spending. This platform allows you to transfer money securely across borders, manage team spending efficiently, and stay ahead of market movements, all while keeping costs down and productivity high.

2. Deel

Product: Deel HR

Value proposition: For businesses who need to manage a diverse and global workforce, our Deel HR platform is a comprehensive HR solution that provides unmatched global coverage and compliance. With Deel HR, you can save at least $20,000 per year on your tech stack, streamline your HR processes with powerful automation, and reduce onboarding time to just 5 minutes. Our platform is tailored to meet the needs of every worker in every country, allowing you to manage direct employees, international workers, and contractors all in one place.

3. Ramp

Product: Corporate cards

Value proposition: For businesses of any size who need a streamlined, efficient way to manage expenses, our Corporate Cards are a financial service that provides full visibility on all spending, automation of expense reports, and precise control over every dollar spent. With Ramp's Corporate Cards, you can issue unlimited physical and virtual cards at no additional cost, set spending limits to ensure responsible use, and enjoy up to 20x higher credit limits than traditional options. Our intuitive platform and highly rated mobile app make managing expenses and capturing receipts a seamless process, saving you time and allowing you to focus on what truly matters - growing your business.

4. Stripe

Product: Payments

Value proposition: For businesses who want to increase their revenue and expand globally, our Payments service is a unified, global payments solution that provides a seamless customer experience, access to 100+ payment methods, and the ability to sell in 195+ countries. With Stripe's Payments, businesses can expect an average revenue uplift of 10.5% using our latest checkout optimisations. Additionally, our machine learning-powered optimisations can help decrease fraud and improve authorisation rates, saving time and reducing costs.

5. DocuSign

Product: eSignature

Value proposition: For businesses who need a fast, secure, and efficient way to send and sign documents, our eSignature service is a leading electronic agreement solution that saves time and money. With DocuSign eSignature, 44% of agreements are completed in 15 minutes or less, and 79% in 1 day or less, saving an average of $36 per document by reducing hard costs and improving employee productivity. Our service boasts a 99.99% uptime with no maintenance downtime and over 400 secure, pre-built integrations to the applications you use every day. Trusted by 1 million customers and 1 billion users, DocuSign eSignature not only enhances your customers' experience but also boosts business efficiency, increases security, and simplifies compliance.

6. Creditinfo

Product: Strongest in Lithuania

Value proposition: For Lithuanian businesses who seek to demonstrate their financial reliability and commitment to responsible business practices, our Strongest in Lithuania credit scoring certificate is a credibility assessment service that validates your company’s good credit history, punctual payments, and positive financial results, enhancing your reputation and fostering trust with partners and stakeholders.

7. NordLayer

Product: Business VPN

Value proposition: For businesses who need to protect their network and facilitate remote work, our Business VPN is a network security solution that provides end-to-end encryption and secure access to company resources. With NordLayer, you can mitigate risk, protect against cyber threats, and ensure complete protection and anonymity of all traffic. Our solution is recognized as the fastest on the market, can be set up in just 10 minutes, and is trusted by over 8,000 businesses worldwide. We offer 30+ global server locations for reliable and rapid connections, and our centralized control panel allows for easy management of users, security features, and payment details.

8. Zendesk

Product: Zendesk for Service

Value proposition: For businesses who want to create meaningful connections with their customers, our product, Zendesk for Service, is a customer service solution that allows you to personalize customer experiences across any channel. This not only builds loyalty but also increases revenue. With features like AI and automation, you can solve customer issues faster, and with our help center, customers can serve themselves. This is why we are trusted by over 110,000 businesses for providing the best customer experiences.

9. Hubspot

Product: Marketing Hub

Value proposition: For businesses who are struggling with disconnected marketing tools and data, our Marketing Hub is a comprehensive marketing automation platform that provides a connected way to market. It links your tools and experiences to unite your teams, all on top of a platform that connects your data. This results in deeper connections with your customers and better results. Trusted by major brands like Weight Watchers and, Marketing Hub offers features like forms, live chat, and Salesforce integration. It's easy to use and comes with 24/7 customer support. Plus, it's scalable to your business needs, with plans starting at $45/month.

10. Gusto

Product: Payroll

Value proposition: For small to medium-sized businesses who need a reliable and efficient payroll system, our Gusto Payroll service is a full-service payroll solution that provides numerous benefits. Gusto Payroll automatically files your payroll taxes, offers benefits and time tracking, and allows for unlimited payrolls with clear pricing. 88% of businesses find Gusto easier to use than their previous software, saving an average of 5 hours per month on payroll and HR tasks. Additionally, Gusto Payroll ensures compliance, accuracy, and peace of mind with features like auto-calculations for fewer mistakes, state tax registration in all 50 states, and online storage of important forms. With Gusto Payroll, businesses can run their payroll in minutes and have access to best-in-class customer service.

Start training your AI Sales Agents today

In conclusion, the value proposition is a critical component in the success of your AI Sales Agents. It's the foundation upon which your sales strategy is built, and it's what sets you apart from your competitors. At AskToSell, we're committed to helping you craft the perfect value proposition for your product or service, and we're confident that our AI Sales Agents can help you achieve your sales goals.

So why wait? Start training your AI Sales Agents today and watch your sales grow on autopilot. With AskToSell, you're not just getting a sales automation platform, you're getting a partner dedicated to your success.

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